EM Brands was founded in 2015 as a company that provides
luxurious and authentic designs to the most famous designers
around the world, through its founder and CEO, Mona Azzam.
EM is ranked as the best company in Egypt with more than 10
years of experience in this field and one of the five best
companies in the Middle East in 2020. Our Goal has been
accomplished by our brilliant and loyal clients.
We strive to continuously present the most luxurious designs
in one place with the aim of achieving satisfaction and passion
for fashion for all our customers.
We endeavor to prove that access to luxury is not out of reach,
difficult to obtain, or associated with lavish payments.
EM Brands has a charter of honor and commitment to its
customers which boils down to

EM Brands is committed to ensuring a luxurious experience
befitting our customers. Starting from setting a suitable date
for you to visit our store to ensure the highest and most
luxurious reception for customers, which gives a feeling that
your visit to us is like attending a special gallery for the most
famous designers and upon your arrival, you will find one of
our specialists who will accompany you and help you while
enjoying your tour.
With EM you will feel the warmth, making your visit to us an
unforgettable experience.

EM Brands is committed to providing the most luxurious original and fancy designs verified by a team of
our experts to bring the best quality for you, certified to guarantee authenticity.
We will always be with you after sales to preserve your precious piece

EM Brands is providing flexible and suitable installment payment solutions through all banks and non-bank
consumer financing companies (Valu, Forsa, Souhoola, etc..) with free-of-charge shipping in Egypt and all over
the world.
And you can exchange your piece for another or help you sell your piece through us.